F01 V.DIVE free style UV MASK低容積面鏡

黑潛水面鏡 F01 V.DIVE free style UV MASK低容積面鏡

Black FreeDiving Mask UV mirrored-lens Low Volume


【面罩】SILICONE高級矽膠面罩 (V.LOGO 設計條帶)

【SILICONE 矽膠】日本Shinetsu牌 高規格矽膠



  • This low-volume UV mirrored-lens dive mask is designed with only freedivers and spearfishers in mind. The top-grade silicone dot mask skirt guarantees a comfortable fit for any face shape and makes equalizing painless.mf01
  • MFo1 UV MASK (with Mirrored Len) /Black silicone/Black Frame


    Fo1  MASK (with clear Len) /Black silicone/Black Fram

  • wf01-2wf01-1
  • Fo1  MASK (with clear Len) /Black silicone/White Frame

  • VDC-F01 VDC-WF01 VDC-MF01
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    (Where to buy  "F" MASK "Made in Taiwan")

  • F01 Mask (Black with Clear Lens)
  • WF01 MASK (w Clear Lens)
  • MF01 UV Mask (w Mirrored Lens)