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V.DIVE Diving Gears is the brand made for everyone, a high quality gears are yours to enjoy.

V.DIVE has over 15 years of product development history since2000; it has designed to provide consumers the highest quality, the international level via diving purposes.

V.DIVE products are made in Taiwan and V.DIVE expected for creating professional scuba diving gears, it focuses on the all areas of product developing, in accordance with the international level of high quality products manufactured.

v.design team has always insisted that the design + quality + functional.

VDIVE Xiamen

VDIVE Show room

VDIVE Show room 【China Xiamen】size:308 square meter

VDIVE Show room

VDIVE Show room 【China Xiamen】

VDIVE Show room

VDIVE Show room 【China Xiamen】

VDIVE Taipei

V.DIVE Taipei

Today V.DIVE 

V.DIVE team to progress with a creative idea and combined a range of elements as it gives characteristic, stylish designs, a fresh image, and its lifestyle, and it can be described as innovative diving fashion and Diving boutique.

Firstly, V.DIVE introduced with an upgrade on dive masks with those comfort advantages, and worldwide exclusively a hand-grinding technology, and molds formed by 3D CNC carved molding. Resulted these unique high standard silicone skirts, and provides an excellent comfort fitting, simply as a skin feels, and efficiently applied to your face.

These elements have been taking into account, as the use of advanced materials, such as high-grade Japan Shinetsu silicone material, high durable Japan Teijn plastics, and CE standard tempered glass.

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