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更要結合現代休閒生活與潛水時尚運動精品的風氣表現於 威帶夫商品展示概念店

V.DIVE concept design product display show room

V.DIVE Diving Gears is the brand made for everyone, a high quality gears are yours to enjoy.

V.DIVE has over 15 years of product development history since2000; it has designed to provide consumers the highest quality, the international level via diving purposes.

V.DIVE products are made in Taiwan and V.DIVE expected for creating professional scuba diving gears, it focuses on the all areas of product developing, in accordance with the international level of high quality products manufactured.

v.design team has always insisted that the design + quality + functional.




2011 -2012 V.DIVE專案開始 商品拍攝(設計形象)

2012 成立 V.DIVE Taipei Product Display Show Room


2012 -2015 V.DIVE Diving show 潛水展覽活動


2012DRT 香港(第1場展覽) 、2013DRT 上海(第2場展覽),2013MDF 東京(第3場展覽),2013CIDE 北京(第4場展覽),2013D&R 北京水立方(第5場展覽),2013DRT 香港(第6場展覽),2014DRT上海(第7場展覽),2014CIDE 北京(第8場展覽),2014V.DIVE廈門遊艇展(第10場展覽),2015DRT上海(第11場展覽),2015DRT北京(第12場展覽),2015 Diving Show廣東(第13場展覽),2015D&R 北京(第14場展覽) ,2015Taipei Outdoor Show(介紹潛水 第15場展覽)

2013 威帶夫委任成為V.DIVE 教練代言

2012 -2015 威台、威廈 潛水俱樂部 尋求經銷商合作



2014 -2016 潛水選美贊助商品


V.DIVE team to progress with a creative idea and combined a range of elements as it gives characteristic, stylish designs, a fresh image, and its lifestyle, and it can be described as innovative diving fashion and Diving boutique.
Firstly, V.DIVE introduced with an upgrade on dive masks with those comfort advantages, and worldwide exclusively a hand-grinding technology, and molds formed by 3D CNC carved molding. Resulted these unique high standard silicone skirts, and provides an excellent comfort fitting, simply as a skin feels, and efficiently applied to your face.
These elements have been taking into account, as the use of advanced materials, such as high-grade Japan Shinetsu silicone material, high durable Japan Teijn plastics, and CE standard tempered glass.


Our jobs


威帶夫 V.DIVE,來自台北國際級時尚潛水精品, MIT台灣製造, since 2000 yr 擁有15年產品研發歷史,以提供消費者最高品質+國際級設計為威帶夫潛水宗旨.

首創將潛水面罩舒適度升級優勢,依獨家手工研磨製造技術,配合3D CNC雕刻成型生產, 打造獨一無二的高規矽膠面罩,舒適度極佳,貼臉水密度高.

在威帶夫 V.DIVE 專業潛水產品研發領域上,


依國際標準高品質製造, 高規日本進口帝人塑料, 高規醫療級超透Shinetsu矽膠料.

威帶夫 V.DIVE 團隊帶領提昇潛水運動風潮,創新流行時尚潛水精品,完美呈現.


  • V.DIVE 黑蓋系列Combo
  • V.DIVE yacht 銀蓋系列 遊艇系列
  • V.DIVE free style 自潛系列
  • V.DIVE Trans.Neo 浮潛系列
  • V.DIVE Resort 渡假系列
  • V.DIVE CoolBlack 酷黑系列

V.DIVE team 商品設計團隊 v.design , 為了創造出 精緻的質感,強調品質與設計同等重要,表現於V.DIVE的商品上 為卓越工藝時尚潛水運動精品代言

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Our Advantages

V.DIVE 商品保固2年 

Free Shipping on orders over $1000

上網訂購金額 NT$1000 ,以上免運費島內地區:台灣、香港 、澳門